About Connect


By Connect, we mean that God calls us to form a loving relationship with Him through corporate and private worship.

Connect: Reminds us that Christianity is about relationships. God loves you and wants you to love him and develop a relationship with him. By connecting with God through corporate and private worship, you get to know and enjoy God. God also wants you to form meaningful relationships with others. The church is a community of people learning to accept and support one another.

How we connect:

Worship: Offering praise and adoration to God through corporate and private worship is our way of showing God we truly love him and appreciate all he does for us.  Corporate worship shows unity with his family and provides an opportunity for us to hear God-inspired speakers who teach us what we need to know to follow Jesus effectively. Worship is a place where the wonders of Christ are proclaimed and people are invited to encounter God. In private worship, we can truly take time and set it apart for God and the rejuvenation of our whole selves. A beginning step could be investing 10 minutes each day in reading the Bible and 10 minutes in prayer in order to connect with God.