About Grow

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By Grow, we mean that God wants us to grow in character, talent, and spiritual maturity by our relationship with Him and others through Community Group life.

Grow: Reminds us that God accepts us as we are, but doesn’t intend to leave us there. God wants you to grow in love, character, and spiritual maturity in your relationship with Him and others. We want to help you grow into a fully equipped disciple of Jesus Christ through Community Group life.

How we Grow:

Community Groups: In the intimacy of a small group, we learn to accept, support, and encourage one another. We learn how to live out our faith and hold each other accountable. We become inspired by others’ lives, and challenged by their stories. We form meaningful relationships with those who share our values. We find great joy in learning from and applying God’s word, and serving together as we reach out to others. We can also invite others to find the same loving relationships we enjoy, in Community Group life.