FSM 6:8


This page is for the parents and students of our 6th-8th grade Middle School ministry here at Faith Church. FSM 6:8 meets weekly during the school year on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm. We have fun, hang out in large group & small groups as we take a break from the stress that middle school life brings.

Ministry Calendar

Click on the dates below for more details

Facebook Group For 6th-8th Grade Parents

This group will try to:
1) Provide a digital connection point for other parents
2) Provide a place where we can offer resources to you as a parent
3) Update you and provide insight into what we do as a ministry and a church for your students and for you!

Reminder for Parents

Parents please try to remember the following random information:

1) Please check out the youth page of the bulletin for updated regular information about FSM 6:8 (That can be found online by clicking here)

2) Please pick up your children by coming into the building or at least sticking your head into the building. We like to know that they are going home with someone we/they know. 

3) **Please remember that we start at 6:30pm. It is ok for your students to show up early but the leaders do not arrive until 6:15 so please no earlier than that.


We Need Parent Helpers

If you are interested in being a parent helper please contact Jared Hetherington by clicking his name to the right.