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“Come, follow me,” Jesus said in Matthew 4:19. And Peter and Andrew left their nets and began a journey that changed not only their lives, but the lives of countless others ever since. It was a journey full of adventure, excitement, and fear. They knew, however, that it was a journey to be taken for the sake of God's kingdom, so they responded to Jesus' invitation with willing hearts and moving feet.

It's a journey that God's people have been taking ever since. From the early Church boldly going to the ends of the earth with the gospel, to the missionary pastors who established a Methodist Class meeting in Montoursville in 1820, to the congregation that moved from Broad Street to our current location, we are here because of the willingness of generations before to follow Jesus into a new future.

Following Jesus is helping more people than ever CONNECT with God through worship – over 500 every week! Following Jesus has helped disciples of every age GROW in their faith, with 125 kids in Kid Connection, 80 students in FSM 6:8 and FSM 9:12, and over 200 adults in Community Groups. Following Jesus has led us to SERVE one another, in hospitality and worship, teaching and maintenance, care-giving, and many others. Following Jesus has called us to GO, sharing our faith with neighbors, building wells in Honduras and schools in Cambodia, stocking the shelves of local food pantries, and inviting others to join us on the journey of faith.

And now, we're being invited to take another journey of faith, together. Our JOURNEY involves raising funds for a significant expansion of our facilities. But our JOURNEY is not just about bricks and mortar. It's about lives being changed as children and their parents are introduced to Jesus. It's about lives being changed as God meets us in worship. It's about lives being changed as students find a safe and fun place to explore and embrace faith. It's about lives being changed by God's Spirit working through His people called Faith Church in order to transform the world.

This JOURNEY is one that will stretch us as we move forward into uncharted territory. As we follow Jesus into the future He has for Faith Church, we will be blessed beyond our imagination. I'm ready to take this JOURNEY with all of you…and with Jesus!