Safe Sanctuaries

  • Safe Sanctuaries is a policy that has been instituted by our church and the Denomination as a whole to keep children and students safe and also to keep our volunteers and staff members safe.
  • How This Policy Effects You:
    • Parents: First off this policy hopefully provides comfort, knowing that we are actively looking out for your child/children. This policy does provide at times for our ministries to take extra steps to keep all parties involved in our ministry safe (extra permission slips, requiring more adult leaders, etc).

    • Leaders: If you desire to or are currently working with students or vulnerable adults, then this policy effects you directly and is a requirement for all of our leaders to participate in. Attendance in our semi annual training is required. However, if you cannot make scheduled training, please contact myself or our Director of Children's Ministry, Marion Handley.

    • Students: This policy is here to protect you, however at times it will seem like a hindrance to "fun" or things of that nature. Understanding that we live in world where this policy is needed is sad but true.

  • If you have any questions please contact me.

-Jared Hetherington
Director of Student Ministries