General Info

Confirmation is an opportunity for our students to grow & be discipled in their faith.  We also look at what it means to be a follower of Christ at Faith Church.  We examine the core concepts of our faith & who we are as a church.  Confirmation is offered to students in 7th grade or older and runs each year from January through May.


Students going through Confirmation will attend & complete a weekly study.  Confirmands will also be required to participate within the Student Ministries of Faith Church as well as worship on the weekends.  The study is led by our Director of Student Ministries, Jared Hetherington.  If you have any questions, please contact Jared in the office at (570) 368-2459 or email by clicking on his picture to the right.


We use a study titled "We Believe" that is written for use in United Methodist Churches.  This is a 15 week study that looks at the following topics - 
  • We are the Church
  • The Book Of Books
  • God, the Father
  • God, the Son
  • God, the Holy Spirit
  • God's Church Grows
  • We Worship God
  • The Church Celebrates
  • God's Plan for our World
  • Faithful Disciples
  • We Live the Christian Life
  • Are You a Christian?