Opportunities to Serve & Go

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The act of Serving and Going in our faith is crucial to who we are Christians at Faith Church. Serving and Going enables us to not only help and engage others in their faith but it is also a great tool in our own life. When we Serve and Go in our faith we are challenged to continue to grow in our relationship with God and others. Also when we Serve and Go in our faith we are rewarded knowing that God has made a difference through us! Even Jesus understood this as He came to serve not to be served (Matthew 20:28).

We have provided a variety of examples of ways that you can Serve and Go with Faith Church. These opportunities are only some of the ones available so if you don't see something here that interests you, contact one of our ministry leaders and ask how you can Serve and Go with us!

What you want to know:

Here is a list of ways you can Serve & Go with us.
On each page there will be a brief description of the opportunity available, the time commitment needed, the equipping/training provided and any experience that might be needed. There is also a contact person that you can e-mail on the right hand side of every opportunity available.

Worship, Art & Tech- from musicians to sound technicians and more

Community Groups - from Bridge Event hosts to Host Homes

Children's Ministries- from helpers to teachers

Student Ministries- from Parent helpers to small group leaders

Servant Ministries - Hospitality Team Members, Prayer Team Members, Tabulating Teams, Family Promise, Facilities, Admin