Foundations Class 2017

Imagine a resource that could be used to help you or someone you care about grow into a lifelong disciple of Jesus. You don’t have to imagine anymore… That’s what the class Foundations is all about! Built around essential practices for Christian disciples, Foundation introduces the basics of prayer, reflecting on scripture, developing authentic relationships, creating a daily devotional time, discovering our calling to serve, using resources in God-honoring ways, and sharing your faith.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, this class can serve you well in its teachings.

There are 2 ways to journey through this Foundations Class:

  1. Attend a 9 week Class - beginning Monday, September 18th from 6:30-8:00pm in room 10
  2. Attend a Once-A-Month Class - Watch for details for our Fall class

 Workbook cost for this 9 week class is $15, or you may wish to try out a session. Minimal cost for one session is $2.

Invite some friends to attend with you, and learn together!


  • SESSION 1: Introduction and Welcome
  • SESSION 2: Building Christian Relationships as Disciples
  • SESSION 3: Building My Relationships with God through Prayer
  • SESSION 4: Building My Relationship with Christ through the Word of God
  • SESSION 5: Building a Life of Devotion through Worship Experiences
  • SESSION 6: Building a Life of Service through the Use of My Gifts and Talents
  • SESSION 7: Building a Life of Generosity through Stewardship
  • SESSION 8: Where Do I Go from Here?
  • SESSION 9: Growing My Faith by Sharing My Faith