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Fax: 570-368-7468
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Larry Leland Larry Leland Lead Pastor [email protected]
Diane Dunlap Diane Dunlap Office Administrator [email protected]
Marion Handley Marion Handley Director of Children's Ministries / Preschool Director [email protected]
Deb Ottenmiller Deb Ottenmiller Director of Group Life/Assimilation [email protected]
Kristen Lowe Kristen Lowe Tech Director [email protected]
David Miller David Miller Facilities Manager [email protected]
Beth Jones Beth Jones Director of Harvest of Hope [email protected]
Mason Neiman Mason Neiman Director of Worship, Creative Arts and Outreach [email protected]
Christian Calehuff Christian Calehuff FSM-Team Leader
Jessica Neiman Jessica Neiman Director of Children's Ministries
Lisa Konkle Lisa Konkle Choral Coordinator/Organist
Jody Robinson Jody Robinson Treasurer

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